Tuesday, April 19, 2011

National Poetry SLAM! 2011

Two of our very own poet-athletes, Marcus J. of Jefferson Elementary (pictured with Apollo's famous lucky wood) and Joschula P. of Patrick Henry Downtown Academy (pictured with Michael Jackson's nameplate), performed their original poetry along with other SCORES poet-athletes from across the nation at the Apollo Theater in New York on Monday evening! Video of their great poetry performances, including back-up dancing with Martha Reeves, is coming soon. Please take a moment to read the original poems they performed:

New York, The Empire State

(By Joschula P, Grade 6, Patrick Henry Downtown Academy)

I think everyone has a dream, a wish, a goal, a desire.

It might be to meet a celebrity

Or to do something great that everyone will remember them for.

Then some people are adventurous, bold, daring, a risk-taker. That’s like me.

I want to be free, free to have fun, free to explore, free to go to new places.

A new place far from St. Louis, a place with that feeling that make your insides

Tingle with excitement whenever you even think about it.

New York, The Empire State!

Now there’s a place that’s full of excitement.

So much to hear, see, taste, smell and feel.

I heard that great people like Denzel Washington, Eddie Murphy,

And even Sammy Davis, Jr. were born there.

I see the Statue of Liberty, the Mets, and the famous Empire State Building.

I taste New York style pizza with bubbling cheese on top of thin fresh baked crusts.

I smell hot dogs from hot dog stands, the aroma begging me to come take a bite.

And last, but not least, I feel my hand on a sheet of paper, reading a poem called,

“New York, The Empire State!”

Spectacular Me

(By Marcus J, Grade 6, Jefferson Elementary)

I am popular, I am smart.

I am serious, but I like art

I am the king of the jungle and I am a bundle

Of hot fries…and I never cry.

I am cool, but I will stay in school.

I am an athlete and I do have big feet.

I am a star because I shine bright. I am a kite

And I fly high in the sky…Now I’m going to say


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